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H10 Hoteles

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Opinions on H10 Rubicón Palace

100 customers have left opinions about this hotel

Excellent! 9,7/10

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  • confort et repos

    Excellent! 9.2/10


    Merci pour cet excellent séjour ! nous avons apprécié le confort de notre chambre , la splendide piscine ( et ses relax libres grâce à votre excellente politique "no towels'reservation" ) et surtout l'extrême gentillesse de tout le personnel sans exception .

    avec une mention spéciale pour le restaurant El Volcan : déco prestigieuse , mets délicieux , service impeccable , et le maître d'hôtel Mr Iker absolument parfait , stylé et si gentil en même temps !

    Si vraiment il faut faire une critique , ce serait la sono trop assourdissante à la piscine ...

    a bientôt certainement ,

    Brigitte et Michel De Win - Heyden

  • Excellent

    Excellent! 10/10


    Another Great holiday, the staff were excellent in all areas of the hotel with special mention to all the staff in the Volcan restaurant and main bar. I would also like to mention some of the evening entertainment this year was a higher calibre than last year.

    The refurbishment work was being carried out while we were there but had very little impact on our holiday and will be looking to coming back in September.

  • Great hotel

    Excellent! 10/10


    We stay at this hotel each December and February. Over the years we have noted several developments, such as the addition of specialist restaurants, and an excellent coffee bar. This time, we noted an improvement of the food in the buffet restaurants - This has always been good but is now very good with choices to suit every taste.

    There was building work which we had been told about - indeed, it had started when we were there in December. Externally, this involved replacing the floor tiles in the area of the three main pools with pattered wood effect tiles. This area was almost finished when we left but may well then proceed to other areas in the grounds. Internally, the piano lounge which houses the main bar was blocked off for refurbishment. This meant that there was only one lift from the pool and restaurant areas serving reception on the 6th floor. This did not prove to be a problem as fewer people needed to access the third floor to reach the piano bar. This had been temporarily set out in one of the 4th floor. conference rooms and was perfectly suitable. The rooms are all being upgraded and the effect seems well worth while as far as we could see. When we were there, 2 or 3 of the blocks had been completed and 3 more were in the process. None of this work interfered with the enjoyment of the holiday and those who say otherwise must be extremely sensitive.

    Food was good and if anything had improved slightly. Serving staff in the restaurants were superb and welcoming. In particular, the regular barman in the Sports Bar was worthy of high praise for his efficiency and service.

    My only concern is that there is to be a very significant price increase from the middle of the year - we calculated this was about 40%! Hope we are wrong.

    The extensive gardens and waterways are well kept and there is a large team of outside cleaners ensuring there is no debris and that fallen leaves etc are swept away.

  • Another great holiday

    Excellent! 10/10


    Once again we have come home refreshed after a lovely time. This was our 7th visit and yes there was some refurbishment noise during the day but it did not impinge on our enjoyment.

    The staff as usual were charming and helpful. We were in a refurbished room which was very pleasant and comfortable.

    We were most impressed by the new tiling around the pools which did not seem to be slippery nor did they seem to become too hot in the sun.

  • Estupendo!

    Excellent! 9.2/10


    Las instalaciones, las vistas, la situación... y lo mejor la atención de todo el personal (especial mención a todos l@s paisan@s galegos que en cuanto nos escuchaban y identificaban nuestra procedencia tenían su momento de "especial conexión). Con muchas ganas de repetir!

  • Balthasar

    Excellent! 10/10

    Frank Balthasar

    Wie in H10 Hotels gewohnt,alles vom Feinsten.

    Jedem zu Empfehlen!

  • muy bien

    Excellent! 9.2/10


    Muy buen hotel, con personal amabilisimo e instalaciones cuidadas.

  • Wonderful experience. Second enjoyable visit.

    Excellent! 9.6/10


    This is a most pleasing hotel. The whole staff have a warmth and a smile which makes every moment enjoyable. The room cleaning staff on floor 9 require a special mention regarding their efficient and friendly manner in carrying out their tasks. And if specific attention is neede, Mirander is on hand to advise. Thankyou H10 for the experience .

  • Super

    Very good! 8.8/10


    El Hotel es una pasada es un oasis, la habitación que nos hemos estado era enorme unas vistas fantásticas, el personal del hotel encantador, nada más se puede decir maravillas. Para poner algún pero las bebidas es el bar de la piscina un vaso pequeño de cola más de tres euros.

    La próxima vez que nos alojemos en el hotel optaremos por TI

  • alojamiento y estancia perfecto

    Excellent! 10/10


    Fuimos un grupo de la tercera ewdad de Playa honda Lanzarote, el trato del personal, la limpiesa, la comisa, las habitaciones , la animacion en general todo estupendo, tanto nos gusta que pronto repetimos, un saludo y cracia por el buen hacer.

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Showing 81 to 90 of 100

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