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Seville, a city full of colour and joy

Seville is a city full of life. Discover how culture, tradition and modernity come together to make this city a truly unique place.

Situated in an exceptional location, Seville offers a wealth of cultural and architectural heritage which can be seen throughout the city’s streets. Wander through the old town and discover all the hidden treasures this city has to offer. At our hotel in the centre of Seville, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a thoroughly enjoyable stay.

Discover everything this famous city has to offer: flamenco, sevillanas, the April Fair, its buildings and monuments and much more. What are you waiting for!

H10 Hotels in Seville

  1. H10 Corregidor
  2. H10 Casa de la Plata

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© H10 Hotels, C/ Numància, 185 - {0} 08034 Barcelona, Spain
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