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Rome, the eternal city​

The eternal city is a unique place where the remains of a splendid past mingle with the peculiar personality of its people. Strolling through Rome is like visiting a museum: its monuments, squares, churches, fountains and the Roman Coliseum bear witness to the glorious battles between Roman gladiators.

All these attractions combine with the friendly character of its people, making it one of the most visited cities in the world. Our hotels in Rome are located in two of the most authentic and charming areas of the city: Trastevere and Piazza Venezia.

These traditional neighbourhoods are still two of the most beautiful and traditional areas in the city. Piazza Venezia is one of Rome's most iconic squares, forming a hub that links key sites and monuments of the city, while Trastevere is the centre of nightlife and open-air theatre. Lose yourself in marvellous squares, churches and historic alleyways and discover the very essence of Rome. Don't wait any longer - let yourself be swept away by this marvellous city!

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