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  • Family Hotels
Your children deserve to have as much fun as you do on holiday. That's why at H10​ Hotels' Family Hotels, you'll find facilities perfectly designed for children and activities for kids of all ages.
20 of our hotels run the Daisy Club children's entertainment programme, which offers families a full range of activities for kids of all ages. We have specialised services for all age groups — the Babyclub, Miniclub, Juniorclub and Teenclub. While your children play, you can enjoy a well-earned rest. See hotels
Aimed at children aged 6 months to 3 years, the Babyclub offers a wide range of specialised services for the youngest members of the family.
​* In the H10 Rubicón Palace this service is offered from 1 year of age.​

Educational activities

Our team of monitors, the Blue Team, organises an endless variety of educational games and crafts aimed at encouraging learning.

Play area

Our hotels have a children's playhouse and open-air play area with equipment.

Specialist staff

We have monitors who specialise in looking after young children.

Baby equipment

The hotel offers cots, baby baths, potties, thermometers, bottle warmers, blenders and baby food.

​Children aged 4 to 8 years can play in the spacious facilities of the Miniclub and enjoy all the activities organised by our team of monitors.

Educational games

There's no better way to learn than through play. Our Blue Team monitors will provide colours, paints, and a large variety of games that encourage participation and creativity.

Open air activities

Gymkhanas, water games, football, basketball, boules... an endless number of activities to keep your children entertained.


A selection of the best children's music, including the top hits from our mascot Daisy.

Children's shows

Our monitors put on plays and musicals with audience participation.

Aimed at children aged 6 m​onths to 3 years, the Babyclub offers a wide range of specialised services for the youngest members of the family.


Educational activities

Our monitors organise language classes and activities to encourage recycling and environmental awareness, all while having fun.

Open-air activities

Sports competitions, outings, water games... guaranteed non-stop fun.

Games area

At the Teenclub, your teenagers will find an activities programme and a place of their own, designed e​specially with them in mind.


Open-air activities

Our team of monitors, the Blue Team, organises games on the beach, outings to areas around the hotel and endless activities to keep your teens entertained all day long.


For those who enjoy a bit of sport during their holiday, our hotels offer a range of sports activities including water polo, football, darts, minigolf, etc.

Teen parties

We organise parties with the latest hits and non-alcoholic drinks from 8 pm to 10 pm.
Daisy Adventure

Daisy Adventure Pirate Ship, non-stop fun!

Some of our establishments also have a Daisy Adventure theme area, where children can enjoy a world of adventure and fun in the new water park, which consists of:

  • Pirate ship with slide
  • Water rides
  • Children's entertainment programme
Daisy Rooms

Rooms designed for the whole family

Looking for the comfort of families and the fun of the little ones, in the majority of Daisy Club hotels we offer Daisy Rooms, family rooms with capacity for adults and children:

  • Welcome gift
  • Laundry service for children's clothing
  • TV with children's channels
  • Specialized services: cot, heating, bathtubs, mixers, etc.

Daisy Meals

Children's favourite dishes... yum!

At H10 Hotels we offer cuisine that is carefully selected for families, one of the aspects most highly-rated by our customers. We serve a wide selection of children's favourite dishes. At our hotels you'll find:

  • Children's buffet with a Daisy mascot theme
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Special menus for coeliacs and people with allergies EN