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Мы хотим, чтобы вы думали только о том, как насладиться отдыхом в отелях H10.

Our company has always distinguished itself by having the highest quality standards in our services, as well as the most rigorous cleaning and safety protocols. That’s why, in COVID-19 times, we have increased these protocols for action and prevention to ensure the health and well-being of our guests, employees and collaborators in all our establishments.

In order to develop these protocols and safety and hygiene measures, we have worked in alliance with Preverisk Group and Bio 9000, leading international companies in food safety, hygiene and health. The processes designed follow WHO recommendations and those of other international organizations.

We continuously train and provide information to our teams on necessary updates for their safety. Furthermore, all of our employees have received specific training from Johnson Diversey, a leading international company in cleaning and disinfection products and procedures.

After a few months of implementation, Preverisk Group and Bio 9000 have awarded our open hotels the Covid-19 Hygiene Response Certificate and Covid Protocol Certification, respectively. In addition, both companies advise us on how to continually monitor the established protocols.

Safe environment

  • Temperature monitoring for all guests at the hotel Front Desk.
  • We provide medical care if necessary throughout your stay.
  • Entry to Spain:
    From 7 June 2021, passengers who have received both doses of the vaccine (approved by the EMA or WHO) at least 14 days before travelling, or passengers who provide proof that they have recovered from the virus, may enter Spain without presenting a PCR test.

    All passengers who come from a high-risk country/area for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are obligated to present a certificate with a NEGATIVE PCR (COVID-19 RT-PCR) result from a test carried out no more than 72 hours prior to your trip. Check here for a list of high-risk countries/areas.
    More information before travelling to Spain.

Coverage by destination

  • Turismo de Canarias provides travel insurance coverage for tourists travelling to the Canary Islands, which covers medical expenses, medical repatriation and expenses incurred for the prolongation of stays (up to 15 days) at the hotel due to quarantine. More information here.
  • The Andalusian Government offers all international travellers who are not residents free insurance with COVID-19 cover for our Costa del Sol, Seville and Córdoba hotels, which covers medical expenses, medical repatriation and expenses incurred for the prolongation of stays at the hotel. More information here.
  • The Balearic Islands Government provides travel insurance coverage for tourists travelling to the Balearic Islands, which covers medical expenses, medical repatriation and expenses incurred for the prolongation of stays at the hotel.


  • Continuous training for all staff on hygiene and prevention measures.
  • Temperature monitoring of all staff at the beginning of each working day.
  • In all areas of our hotels, staff is equipped with personal protection equipment and trained on how to use it correctly.
  • Меры социального дистанцирования.

Стойка регистрации

  • Check-in/Check-out: new online check-in and check-out system to streamline procedures both upon arrival at and departure from the hotel.
  • Оплата бесконтактными кредитными картамистановится приоритетным способом оплаты.
  • Меры социального дистанцирования между гостями и сотрудниками.
  • Дезинфекция и обеззараживание магнитных ключей от номеров после каждого использования.
  • Temperature monitoring upon arrival at the hotel.
  • Information on PCR tests can be obtained by contacting the Front Desk at least 72 hours before departure.
  • Специальные меры гигиены в отношении багажа.


  • Тщательная уборка всего номера при помощи вироцидных средств, рекомендованных компанией Johnson Diversey.
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as switches, door handles, doors and bathroom fittings.
  • Стирка одежды и тканей с помощью специальных программ позволяет поддерживать санитарную чистоту на максимальном уровне.
  • Бутылка антисептика для рук и комплект из двух защитных масок.
  • QR codes for Hotel Services Directory information.

Зоны общего пользования

  • Thorough and more frequent cleaning of public areas, with special attention to bathrooms and high-touch areas.
  • Continuous ventilation of all areas.
  • Intensified filter cleaning in climate control systems.
  • Зоны общего пользования оборудованы большим количеством дозаторов с антисептиком для рук.
  • В таких местах предусмотрено ограничение максимального количества людей с целью обеспечения минимальной безопасной дистанции между ними.
  • Hotel facilities will have information and signage on the adopted hygiene and prevention measures.

Рестораны и бары

  • Дозаторы с антисептиком для рук у всех входов в рестораны и бары.
  • Ограничение вместимости в ресторанах и барах.
  • Establishment of the minimum safety distance between tables.
  • Дезинфекция столиков и стульев после каждого использования.
  • Очистка кухонной утвари и оборудования дезинфицирующими средствами после каждого обслуживания.
  • Buffet with maximum hygiene guarantees, prioritization of table service, individual presentations and show cooking.
  • Use of QR codes for restaurant and bar menus.


  • Furniture redistribution according to the minimum safety distance between sun loungers.
  • Ограничение вместимости в зоне бассейна.
  • Intensified maintenance and treatment of pool water in order to guarantee optimum quality.
  • Более частая уборка и дезинфекция зоны бассейна и расположенных в ней предметов обстановки.

Деловые встречи и мероприятия

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers at the main entrances.
  • Temperature checks at the beginning of events.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection, as well as continuous ventilation.
  • Layouts and capacities of spaces for events adapted to the regulations in order to guarantee the minimum safety distance.
  • Events made digital using Streaming technology.
  • Single-use stationery.
  • Restaurant services assisted with distancing and limited capacities in accordance with regulations.
  • Prioritized use of outdoor spaces.

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