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Venice, city of canals

Venice is an exceptional tourist destination, unlike any other. Apart from its beautiful palaces and fine art, it’s unique in that has no road traffic and transportation is carried out by means of ferries known as vaporetti.

This is due to the fact that the city is built around a wide canal called the Grand Canal, into which smaller canals flow to create a complex network. Our H10 Palazzo Canova hotel is located on the shores of this canal, just a few metres from the Rialto Bridge.

In Venice you never have enough days to discover and experience everything: gondola rides, visits to museums, excursions to nearby islands, tours of the most famous bridges, visits to luxurious palazzi... Walking aimlessly through alleys away from the tourist sites you will discover corners, fountains and squares straight out of a fairy tale. You can lose track of time sitting in St Mark's Square for a coffee and listening to live music.

H10 Hotels in Venice

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