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Adults Only Hotel

The selected hotel only admits bookings for adults. In your search options you have set up a booking with children. If you accept, the children will be removed from the booking, and only the number of adults will be taken into account.;25;26|


  • Access the hotel´s Web App to check all the information about our restaurants and bars: opening hours, menus and booking options available.;25;26|Garoé buffet Restaurant with show cooking (reformed!)


  • Buffet restaurant offering a wide variety of hot and cold dishes as well as a selection of dishes made to order at the show cooking. It also has a boulangerie specializing in bread and pastries. It is the hotel’s main restaurant and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.;25;26|Sakura Teppanyaki Restaurant


  • Asian restaurant offering a delicious tasting menu cooked before your eyes on traditional Teppan grills. Open for dinner (booking required/subject to availability).

    Children under 8 years of age are not permitted.;25;26|À la carte Italian restaurant Specchio Magico (new!)


  • À la carte Italian restaurant. It offers a selection of dishes fusing Italian cuisine with touches of Mediterranean cuisine. Open for dinner (booking required/subject to availability).;25;26|La Ballena restaurant-bar next to the sea


  • À la carte bar/restaurant facing the beach and with views of the sea. The menu offers an extensive variety of salads, meats, fish and rice, as well as snacks and sandwiches. Open for lunch and dinner (depending on the season and availability).;25;26|La Choza Bar


  • Bar/restaurant offering an extensive and varied menu of snacks with table service. The perfect spot to enjoy a tasty light meal by the pool. 

    It is housed in a wonderful building completely open on all sides with views of the pool (subject to availability).

    It offers entertainment during the summer. 1.jpg?16;25;26|Mike's Coffee


  • Specializing in tea, coffee and pastries, as well as a wide selection of smoothies and milkshakes, ideal for cooling down when the weather gets hot. It also has a pleasant terrace in the garden.;25;26|Big Ben Bar (usually with live music in winter)


  • A classic and cosy bar, ideal for enjoying a pleasant apéritif before dinner. bar de dia.jpg?16;25;26|Piano Lobby Bar


  • The hotel’s elegant Lobby Bar is the ideal place to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif. It has recently been refurbished to give it a fantastic interior design that harmoniously blends soft colours, giving it a peaceful, relaxing ambience.

    It has a pleasant indoor terrace with large windows that make it very bright with pool and sea views.
    Live music occasionally. Imagine.jpg?16;25;26|Imagine Bar


  • Bar located on floor -1, it offers a wide range of shows, live performances, live music and entertainment (winter). EN