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Holidays with the family in Salou and Cambrils


We also propose inland tourism from our hotels in Salou and Cambrils. In the South of Tarragona we have The Natural Park of the Ebro Delta and the Mountains of Prades in the west. Romanesque and gothic monuments, modernist buildings and charming villages polarise commercial and cultural life in the hinterland.


Following the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, Tarraco became the provincial capital of the administrative province called Hispania Citerior. Its Roman colony left its mark all over the province. Tarragona features the ruins of major Roman buildings, such as the amphitheatre, the aqueduct, the Roman circus or the Forum. We can therefore offer you in-town tourism from all our hotels in Salou and Cambrils​.

Strolling around Salou

Salou offers numerous emblematic places and monuments of outstanding historic importance and artistic appeal. It is peppered with different information points with the main tourist routes. Here is a list of some of the monuments and sites you simply must not miss:

  • The harbour master's office
  • The Quay
  • The Luminous Fountain
  • Catalan Farmhouse
  • Monumental Olive Groves
  • Monument to James I
  • City Park
  • Penya Tallada
  • Punta del Cavall
  • Torre Vella
  • Chalet Bonet
  • El Carrilet Train Station
  • Church of Santa María del Mar
Strolling around Cambrils

Do not miss the chance to visit the fo​​llowing places of interest in Cambrils:

Standing just a few feet away from our hotel in Cambrils, the Red Lighthouse is one of the most emblematic features of the town’s port. The Port Tower is a few meters away from the Lighthouse, a 17th-century watchtower that once served as a defense against pirate attacks. Mollet del rec, a wharf also known as the “Royal Stairs”, is located opposite the Port Tower, right in the middle of the Port and very close to our hotel in Cambrils. It is frequently used to hold a range of me​etings, functions, social events and festivals. Last but not least, we want to mention Samà Park, a National Cultural Heritage Site, home to a palace, an artificial lake and some gardens, built between 1881 and 1887.

The Ebro Delta

Another possible excursion during your stay at our hotels in Salou is the Ebro Delta. Its surface area of 320 km² spans habitats that are difficult to see in the rest of Catalonia: large lagoons, fields of dunes, salt wastelands, riverbank forests or river islands which together with rice fields and salt flats constitute a rich and unique landscape. And after that just wind down in our hotels in Salou and Cambrils, where you can enjoy the seaside evening atmosphere with H10 Hotels.


Reus is 10 km from Salou and 12 km from Cambrils, and is the second most important city in the province after Tarragona, famous for its shopping activity and its Modernist Route. The city where Gaudí was born harbours numerous modernist buildings, such as the Pere Mata Institute, Casa Navàs, Casa Gasull or Casa Rull, the latter three all houses.​

It also has a charming city centre with top-quality stores, where you can shop as you walk.​

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