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Holidays with the family in Salou and Cambrils


Salou is a coastal municipality of 26,650 inhabitants located in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain), on the Costa Dorada, 10 km away from the city of Tarragona and 9 km from the city of Reus. Being the most important tourism destination, it is regarded as the capital of the Costa Dorada.


Cambrils is also a town in Catalonia that belongs to the province of Tarragona, in the Baix Camp region. With a population of approximately 33,300 inhabitants, it is the fifth largest town in the province. Located 20 km from Tarragona, the town is surrounded by low mountain ranges that roll down to the sea.


The Costa Dorada is blessed with a warm Mediterranean climate, and the best months for coming in​ summer are June through August. The climate is sunny during the summer months, with temperatures reaching 30ºC, and up to 40ºC in the hottest months, July and August. It is colder in winter, but below-zero temperatures are infrequent.


Spanish and Catalan



Closest Airport
  • Reus Airport
What to see every month in Salou?
  • In February, Cós Blanc "Carnival" (Annual winter festival, first Saturday in February)
  • In April, Saint George's Day (April 23)
  • In August, Golden Nights (Annual summer festival, in the week of August 15)
  • In September, the King's Festival James I, The Conqueror (September 7) / Catalonia's National Day (September 11)
  • In October, festa de la Segregació [Segregation Festival] (Oct​ober 30)
What to see every month in Cambrils?
  • In January, the parade of the Three Kings
  • In February, La Galera gastronomy festival; Carnival
  • In March, Sitges Vintage Car Rally
  • In April, Saint George’s Day (Sant Jordi; 23 April)
  • In June, the festival of Saint Peter
  • In July, the festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • In September,​ Nit del Foc de Cambrils (fireworks night), the festival of Our Lady of the Road; wine and food festival EN