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Rome, the eternal city​


Rome is the capital of the Italian Republic, besides being its most populated city, with 2,873,494 inhabitants which, together with its metropolitan area of 1,285.3 km², make 4,356,000. Rome is located in the central and western area of the Italian peninsula, on both banks of the river Tiber and about 20 km from its estuary in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the west of the city lies the enclaved Vatican City, an independent and sovereign state where the Holy See is sited.


Rome has a typical Mediterranean climate characteristic of the coasts of Italy. The climate is comfortable from April to June and from mid-September to October. In August the average temperature is 24.5°C. The winters are generally cold and the average temperature in January is 8.5°C.







  • Leonardo da Vinci Intercontinental Airport in Fiumicino
  • Giovanni Battista Pastine Intercontinental Airport in Ciampino
What to see every month
  • In January, the Christmas Market in the Piazza Navona and the Manger with live animals in Guidonia Montecelio.
  • In March, the Festival of Santa Francesca Romana, the Festival of San Giuseppe, Easter and the Spring Festival.
  • In May, for 15 days la Vía del Coronari is lit up with candles and decorated with plants for the antique fairs. On May 1, concert in Piazza San Giovanni, where national and international artists perform free.​​​
    • In June, the Flowers Festival, the Festival of San Giovani, the Festival of San Pietro and the Expo Tevere (end of June).
    • In July: the Festival of Noantri (last fortnight in July).
    • In August: the Festival of la Madonna della Neve (August 5) and Festival of Ferragosto August 15).
    • In September: the Art Fair (all month), the Harvest Festival and the Craft Fair (last Week in September and first week in October).
    • In October, the craft fairs on the Vía dell ‘Orso, Orvieto and Perugia and the antique fairs (mid-month).
    • In November, the Festival of Santa Cecilia (November 22) and the new wine tasting (end of the month).
    • In December, the Festival of la Madonna Immacolata (December 8) and Christmas Markets in Piazza Navona.​
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