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  • Access the hotel´s Web App to check all the information about our restaurants and bars: opening hours, menus and booking options available. Vista general Restaurante Uno Zero Uno 1.jpg?16;25;26|Uno Zero Uno Restaurant

UNO ZERO UNO Lobby Bar 0002.jpg?16;25;26|Lobby Bar


  • Housed in a large and modern space, its menu features trendy cocktails, international classics and appetizers.

    It offers snacks and light meals in addition to the pleasant La Piazzetta terrace.

  • Email: superior de dia_0023.jpg?16;25;26|


  • ​Located on the top floor of the hotel, it features a pool, sun lounger area and Jacuzzi as well bar service in July and August. Outside pool with solarium and jacuzzi (summer). Opening hours: from 10am to 7pm (weather permitting). EN