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Mallorca, much more than sun and sand


Palma de Mallorca is a municipality and a  Spanish city, which is the capital of the island of Mallorca and of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands. It stands on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about 13 metres above sea level. With a population of 440,772 inhabitants, and a surface area of 208.63 km² (INE 2017) it is the largest city in the archipelago and the eighth-largest in Spain in terms of number of inhabitants. Its metropolitan area covers nine towns, with 560,240 inhabitants spread across a surface area of 1015.88 km².


Palma has a warm Mediterranean climate, with an annual average temperature of 16°C and a mean annual precipitation of 410 L/m². The coldest month is January and the warmest is August. Rainfall is sporadic and it rarely snows.


Spanish and Catalan (Mallorcan) 



  • Palma de Mallorca Airport, 8 km from the centre
What to see every month


  • On January 20, the Annual Festival of San Sebastián is held in Palma de Mallorca. 
  • In February, a fantastic fun fair in Palma de Mallorca, regarded by some as one of the best in Spain. 
  • In April, a fun fair until April 18, and the Andalusia Fair ​(as of April 28)
  • In May, the Andalusian Fair in Palma de Mallorca with approximately 30 stalls.
  • In June,  the Nit de Foc [Fire Night] is one of the most popular festivals in Palma de Mallorca (June 23) 
  • In October, the Colcada de la Beata (in honour of a saint canonized by Pope Pius XI), is held in Palma de Mallorca the third Saturday in October every year, with shows featuring floats, music and traditional dancing. 


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