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Madrid, the perfect combination of culture and leisure


Madrid is the capital of Spain and of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It is  the country's largest and most-populated city, and according to the census of 2016, it had 3,166,000 inhabitants in its municipality, while the population including its Metropolitan Area totals 6,467,000 inhabitants , making it the the third-most populated  city  in the European Union — behind Berlin and London— and the third-largest Metropolitan Area, after Paris and London.


Spanish ​





The climate in Madrid is a continental Mediterranean climate  and is highly influenced by the urban conditions. The average temperature is 12°C.

The winters are relatively cold, with temperatures below 4-5°C, with occasional snow. The summers are warm, with mean temperatures around 24°C in July and August, and with maximums that are frequently above 35°C. Daily temperature swings are substantial on the outskirts, but not so much in the city centre.


Barajas Airport: located in the north east of the city, 12 kilometres from the centre.

What to see every month
  • January, the Twelfth Night Procession
  • In February, the Carnival of Madrid, and Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (from 18 to 23)
  • In April, Holy Week
  • In May, Festival of the Patron Saint of Madrid, San Isidro ( May 11 to 15)
  • In June , San Antonio de la Florida Open-Air party
  • In July, Veranos de la Villa [Summers in the City]
  • In November, Celebrations of the Virgin of Almudena and the Madrid Jazz Festival​ EN