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Madrid, the perfect combination of culture and leisure

Art galore

More than 80 museums and 2000 historic and artistic monuments are proof of the history and art of all the peoples that have visited Madrid over the centuries. The result is a cultural heritage which is essential to understanding the history of Europe or the world.

Madrid's cultural wealth offers visitors a unique view of the world, straddling painting and sculpture, architecture and nature. But the cultural legacy is also patent in its streets.

Nightlife and fun

Anyone that comes to Madrid quickly realises that it is one of the world's happiest, busiest and most fun cities, both during the day and even more so at night. Madrid provides visitors with all the resources imaginable for free time and leisure. One of the most recommendable: musicals. Gran Vía, known as Madrid's Broadway, has become a reference point in this musical genre in Spain.

Green city

With almost 3,000 hours of sun a year, Madrid is a bright and warm city. The capital city is full of parks, making it the greenest city in Europe. Indeed, Madrid has two veritable "green belts": El Retiro and the Casa de Campo.

Unique gastronomy

Madrid, with more than 3,000 restaurants, may be regarded as the city where all the cuisines in the world can be tasted, including Spanish food, naturally. And as could hardly be otherwise, local dishes are the stars of the show, the main speciality being cocido (stew), as well as the obligatory tapas. Moreover, besides the traditional flavours and styles, a new type of high-quality cooking has burst onto the scene, namely "design" or "author" cuisine, above all regarded as avant garde, to cater to the most demanding palates.​


Madrid is an important commercial city with many shops where you can buy quality products and have a great day out shopping Areas such as the neighbourhood of Salamanca, where the best shops are to be found; Chueca, a Bohemian, very fashionable area, or Gran Vía, with the main national brands.

Then there are the big shopping centres or department stores,  such as the Corte Inglés, Las Rozas Village or the outdoor Fuencarral marketand the internationally famous El Rastro street market, one of Europe's oldest. It is held every Sunday and features numerous stalls and antique dealers. EN