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London: big, vibrant and diverse

Big Ben

The impressive clock tower of Westminster Palace is known as Big Ben, the name given to the 14-ton bell installed in 1858, baptised by Sir Benjamin Hall, the curator of the work. It was the second bell made in Whitechapel for this purpose, as the first one was broken during sound tests. The current bell has a small crack and was made by repairing a bell taken from Westminster Palace. 

London Eye

You can see the London Eye from H10 London Waterloo. This giant wheel was installed in the year 2000 and offers a marvellous view of the whole city. Initially it was designed to be used for five years with the sponsorship of a well-known airline company, but it was so successful that it has become a permanent fixture in the cityscape.

It is 135 metres high, its 32 cabs can carry up to 25 people each. One turn takes half an hour and it offers a scenic view that begins with Big Ben and covers the whole city.​

British Museum

The Museum British was founded in 1753 by Parliament and is based on the Art Collection of Sir Hans Sloane. The British Museum is one of the world's most important, with at least 6 million objects spanning almost two million years of civilisation. The museum's best-known exhibit is the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon sculptures, the Sutton Hoo and Mildenhall treasures, the Portland Vase. There are temporary collections and guided tours every day.

Westminster Abbey

Make the most of your stay at our hotel in the centre of London to visit this monumental church, an example of medieval architecture of stunning dimensions. Kings and queens, statesmen, poets and writers are buried and revered in this place. In the history of England, being buried in the Abbey is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed upon anyone. Its walls house excellent examples of English medieval architecture and art and is now presented to visitors as a fusion of Church and Museum. 

Saint Paul's Cathedral

One obligatory visit , during your stay at the H10 London Waterloo is to one of the emblems of London, Saint Paul's Cathedral. The Great Fire of 1666 razed the medieval Cathedral of St. Paul, and the architect Christopher Wren was commissioned with building a new cathedral between 1675 and 1710. It has the biggest bell in Europe, Great Paul, that is rung at 1 pm every day. This cathedral is very famous for its music, and the choir members are trained in the Cathedral School. 

Buckingham Palace

It is the most famous palace in London, and while it is hardly an architectural wonder, its symbolism is beyond compare. It has been inhabited since Queen Victoria (1819-1901) moved there. The repair work was conceived by the architect Nash and supervised by George IV, and was costly and incomplete. Many parks and gardens are open to visitors.

Hyde Park

It was once a hunting ground for royalty, and also a spot for duels, executions and horse races. it even became a giant potato field during the Second World War. It is currently the city's green belt. Sights to see: The Serpentine, Speaker's Corner, the Crystal Palace, the statue of Achilles or Marble Arch. The main entrance is Decimus Burton's Gateway. Underground: Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate.

Soho and Saint James

Theatres, cinemas, clubs and restaurants make this area the busiest for night-time entertainment in the capital. Shops selling exotic products and the mixture of races that coexist in the area make it special.

This whole zone makes up the West End which, together with New York's Broadway, is one of the best places in the world to enjoy English-language plays, but particularly musical shows with something for everyone.​

Other tourist attractions

Besides the sites mentioned above, other must-sees are the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Tower Bridge, Regent's Park, The Mall, Piccadilly Circus or Windsor Castle, plus numerous museums, art galleries, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, the Dalí Universe or the Tate Modern.​

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