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La Palma, the beautiful isle

National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente

The Park houses a huge amount of archaeological remains, particularly engravings in the rocks, nestling among gorgeous waterfalls, concealed amid gorgeous waterfalls. From our hotel in La Palma you can drive up to the Vantage Points of la Cumbrecita and el Roque de los Muchachos, although if you choose to walk then you really should pop into the Visitors Centre of the National Park, located on the road from Llanos de Ariadne, and find out about the routes there.

Natural Park of las Nieves

Well-known for its conservation of endangered and protected species such as the retamón (Genista benehoavensis) or the cabezón (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus), lying south-west is the protected natural area of Las Angustias, where the natural monument of Idafe is located. Our hotel in La Palma will tell you how to travel these areas on foot.

Cliffs and caves

Particularly outstanding is the Natural Monument of the Sulphur Mountain, the Cliff of La Concepción or the Protected Area of Tamanca, sloping down the mountains and ending at the coast with an abrupt cliff. The cliffs are one of the island's hidden secrets and many of them are over 200 metres high. Similarly, its caves are particularly lovely, formed by the sea's erosion, such as the Cueva Bonita [Beautiful Cave], in Tijarafe.


During your stay in the H10 Taburiente Playa you will be able to see cones, particularly on the two sides of the south part of the island, illustrating the intense volcanic activity that has unfolded in La Palma throughout its history. Particularly impressive is the volcano of Tacande, in El Paso, and the mountain of Tenisca, near Argual.

Santa Cruz de la Palma

The old neighbourhoods of Santa Cruz de la Palma and San Andrés are the ideal places to see the stately homes, a variant of the Andalusian house with Arab influence. Due to the island's defensive needs, several castles were erected, including the Royal Castel of Santa Catalina, in 1676, and the castles of El Cabo, dating from the 16th Century, both of them located in Santa Cruz. Once in the ​capital, declared a Historic and Artistic Site, you can stroll through the Plaza de España, a charming place with several Renaissance buildings nearby, such as the Mixed Parish Church of El Salvador and the Town Hall.

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