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Havana, enjoy the family holiday of your dreams where time stands still

Night Life

Night in Havana is a whirlwind of excitement-packed salsa or boleros. The best thing is its live music, so you really must attend one of the performances by its excellent salsa, jazz or son groups. 

Pub-crawling in Havana at night means long walks, although the Plaza de la Catedral district tends to be very busy. 

You really cannot miss out on the thing to do in the city, which consists of taking a few beers or a bottle of rum to the Malecón.​


Havana boasts the best theatres on the island, particularly during the September theatre festival, where excellent traditional performances are put on.


For a few pesos, the cinema is a popular form of entertainment among Cubans and there are many comfortable cinemas scattered all over Vedado.


The coral formations that lie a few metres away from the coast deliver several advantages, including the protection of its beaches, attractive diving sessions and safe water sports.​​

The bank of the island platform is regarded as the richest and most different one in the Caribbean.


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