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Fuerteventura, a veritable oasis on the Atlantic

A calm island of natural spaces

Known as the Quiet Isle, Fuerteventura is the second largest extension in the archipelago and features unique landscapes that you can enjoy from our hotels in Fuerteventura. One of them is the mythical Tindaya mountain, to which the original natives attributed magical properties, and which still conserves important vestiges of those settlers, or the undulating dunes of Corrralejo. Mention must also be made of its marvellous landscapes, such as the arch of Cofete de Jandía, which will give you a break during your holidays.

Virgin nature

The Island of Fuerteventura, with 13 protected natural spaces, enhances its exoticism with palm trees, tamarixes and the highly appreciated Aloe Vera. Its endless kilometres of sandy beaches and golden dunes make our H10 Playa Esmeralda, H10 Tindaya, H10 Ocean Dreams, H10 Ocean Suites and H10 Ocean Dunas hotels a haven for a nice quiet holiday.

Family hotels

Fuerteventura has the best coastal hotels for families, featuring all the necessary services, and located in lively tourist complexes with fun theme parks and exclusive golf courses close by. Our hotels in Fuerteventura also put on comprehensive entertainment for children of all ages and a wide variety of services for parents.


Every July, the island's crystal-clear water beaches provide the scene for the World Speed Championships and the Windsurf “Gran Slalom”, held on the Beach of Sotavento (4 km from Costa Calma, in the south of the island). If you are a surf, windsurf or diving lover, make the most of the opportunity to spend a few days at one of our hotels in Fuerteventura and enjoy these activities to the full.

Beyond the beach

Small coastal towns full of flavour and tradition show off their typical architecture next to churches, chapels, castles and a network of museums. Some of the attractions that invite the tourist to discover the island's culture are the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum of Betancuria or the charming village of Tefía, just a few kilometres away from our H10 Hotels.​ EN