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Come and discover the perfect combination of sun, peace and quiet and gastronomy


The greatest surprise for visitors to our hotels on the Costa del Sol is Málaga, a city that is on the way to becoming one of Europe's great cultural and tourist centres. Visiting it in winter is a true delight: you can begin at the gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso, of Arab inspiration and put the perfect finishing touch on your visit with a well-deserved break in the spa of one of our hotels.

Picasso and García Lorca

Discover the works of Picasso and Lorca. In the old Palace of the Counts of Buenavista you can visit the Picasso Museum and the Pasaje de Chinitas, where the famous café mentioned by Federico García Lorca's poems stands. The route ends in calle de Marqués de Larios, the city's main street. 

Inland towns and villages

During your stay at the H10 Andalucía Plaza or the H10 Estepona Palace, you can venture inland, where you will encounter a mini continent comprised of 10 protected natural spaces, particularly the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, in Nerja, by the sea, and the natural reserve of La Laguna de la Fuente de Piedra, together with Antequera, one of the greatest wetlands in Europe. If you come to one of H10 Hotels on the Costa del Sol in winter you will discover the natural scenery of the Mountain Ranges of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, with their snow-capped peaks in winter, contrasting with the subtropical crops.

White villages

H10 Hotels proposes a route taking in the typical villages during your stay. Little villages a few kilometres inland where you can do all kinds of sports and discover natural beauty spot. This proposal is perfect for family holidays, when you can take a break during the day and then relax at our hotels on the Costa del Sol.


It is one of the most important tourist centres. It has a magnificent Seafront Promenade that runs from Banana Beach (El Cable) to Banús. Tourist sites such as the Moslem Castle, the Roman Town of Río Verde (18th Cent.) and the old neighbourhood mingle with all the glamour and luxury of the coast). It is bound to linger in your memory after your stay at our hotel in Marbella!

Water tourism

The Costa del Sol has 11 sports marinas, all o them ideal for water sports. Their infrastructures are conceived to house sailing vessels of all kinds and take care of any need you may have. These marinas are surrounded by exclusive bars, restaurants, music bars and boutiques selling clothes by international brands.​

H10 Hotels in Costa del Sol

  1. H10 Andalucía Plaza
  2. H10 Estepona Palace
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