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Córdoba, immerse yourself in its culture

The Mosque of Córdoba

Near to our hotel in the centre of Córdoba is the most important Islamic monument in the western world, considered the jewel of the city. This central building captures the evolution of the Umayyad style in Spain, mixing different architectural styles from throughout history, including Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. Visit the haram, or prayer room, or stroll through its Renaissance porticoed courtyard.

Roman Córdoba

Take a walk through the city and discover its Roman culture, which is still stunning despite leaving less of a mark on the city than other later civilizations. You can visit the Roman temple, located next to the Town Hall, the Roman mausoleum and the Roman bridge, the most representative monument of Roman Córdoba. Enjoy a mix of colour and nature, all from the H10 Palacio Colomera. The city is famous for its patios, considered a World Heritage Site, which offer a spectacle of nature to their visitors. The best patios are located in the neighbourhoods of Alcázar Viejo, Santa Marina, San Lorenzo and in the Jewish quarter. Finally, a walk through the Palace of Viana, known as the Patio Museum with its 12 patios, is a must.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

A few metres from the Mosque stands a magnificent Gothic military building, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. The Catholic Monarchs lived in this majestic residence for eight years. Hidden inside its high surrounding walls are amazing patios, lush gardens and ponds full of life.

Arab baths

Another of the Arab legacies that can be seen in the city are the famous Arab Baths. Relax with a bath under the most astonishing Arab architecture in Córdoba.

Museums and Squares

A stroll around its charming squares is a must on your visit to Córdoba. The Plaza de las Tendillas, the square in which the H10 Palacio Colomera is located and the hub around which the commercial life of the city springs up. The Plaza del Potro, which was traditionally the place to buy and sell cattle and the Plaza de Capuchinos which contains the Christ of the Lanterns, a famous crucifix in Córdoba. Moreover, this city which is so rich in culture offers a variety of museums, such as the Museum of Julio Romero de Torres, the Archaeological Museum, the Al-Andalus Museum and more. From the H10 Palacio Colomera you’ll be able to get to each and every one of them very easily.

Whitewashed houses

In a small street called Calleja de las Flores located next to the cathedral, you can find the popular whitewashed houses. They are characterized by their colour and beauty, since all the balconies are full of flowers and hanging plants. At the end of the street there is a square where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Gates and Walls

Historically, Cordoba was a city surrounded by magnificent walls. To enter the city, visitors and merchants had to pass through the manned gates that were along the wall. Today some fragments of this wall are still preserved, such as in the Marrubial area or on Calle Caiurán. Also still preserved are the gates of Puerta de Almodóvar, Puerta de Sevilla and Puerta del Puente.

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