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Córdoba, immerse yourself in its culture


Córdoba is a city in Andalusia and a provincial capital. It is the third largest city in Andalusia, after Seville and Malaga, both by area and population. Córdoba has a population of 326,000, which makes it the twelfth largest city in Spain.


Córdoba has a continental Mediterranean climate, with Atlantic influences. The average annual temperature is 17.5 ºC. It is characterized by mild winters, with occasional frosts due to its distance from the sea, and very hot summers, with maximum temperatures that exceed 40 ºC, surpassing the European average. Rainfall is concentrated in the colder months resulting in droughts in the summer.

Nearest airports
  • Seville Airport - 132 km.
  • Málaga Airport - 167 km.




What to see each month
  • January: Cavalcade of Magi, Medieval Market.
  • February: Contest of Carnival Groups, Carnival on the streets.
  • March: Carnival Parade.
  • April: Holy Week, Feast of Our Lady of Bethlehem in the Hermitages ("Fiesta de las Habas"), Wine Tasting, Santo Domingo Pilgrimage.
  • May: Battle of the Flowers, Virgin of Linares Pilgrimage, Patio Festival and Competition, Bars and Balconies Competition, Snail Festival, Fair of Our Lady of Good Health.
  • June: Popular festivities, White Night Flamenco festival, Los Ángeles neighbourhood Fair.
  • July: Popular festivities, Guitar Festival, Higuerón neighbourhood Fair, Villarrubia neighbourhood Fair, Cerro Muriano neighbourhood Fair, Santa Cruz neighbourhood Fair, Alcolea neighbourhood Fair.
  • August: Popular festivities, Trassierra neighbourhood Fair.
  • September: Popular festivities, Vela de la Fuensanta Fair, Cabalcor horse fair.
  • October: Popular festivities, Cosmopoética poetry fair.
  • December: Christmas Programme, New Year's Eve Party.

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