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Córdoba, immerse yourself in its culture

María Luisa Park

Enjoy a traditional and magical show that reveals the beauty, nobility and intelligence of the Original Andalusian Horse. A delight for all audiences that is performed in the grand Royal Stables of Cordoba.


Relax in the Arab Baths offered by the city of Córdoba. The most popular are the Hammam Al Andalus Arab baths, the largest in Europe. Enjoy a bath or a massage under arabesque architecture.


Experience the Andalusian spirit by visiting some of the most important flamenco tablaos in the city. Discover the magic of flamenco in El Cardenal, La Bulería, the patio of the Jewish quarter and Perol Flamenco among many other places.


Aquasierra is the largest water park in the region and the one with the longest history. It is located just 30 km from our H10 Palacio Colomera hotel and is perfect for people of all ages to cool off on hot summer days.

Visits to Wineries

Visit the oldest wineries in the city and enjoy a sensory and gastronomic experience for the most demanding palates. During the tour you’ll see the wine press, the fermentation room, the ageing cellar and the bottling area. End the visit with a taste of the most exquisite wines of the city.

The Ciudad de los niños y las niñas (City of boys and girls)

In the centre of Córdoba is the largest playground area in the city. In a space covering four hectares, it contains thirty children's play areas that are divided into smaller ones. The ideal place to spend a family day.

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