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H10 Hotels is looking for professionals like you

H10 Hotels is one of the 10 leading hotel companies in Spain, with a long career in the sector, which began at the end of the sixties. It currently has more than 65 hotels at 23 destinations, and is in the expansion phase in Europe and Caribbean.

Its establishments are renowned for their high quality, they are located in privileged sites, either on the sea front or in the city centre, and are highly client-oriented.

The H10 Hotels team is comprised of around 5000 professionals, and our commitment is to achieve the utmost client satisfaction. Our efforts are based on offering an elaborate gastronomy, personalised attention and by constantly revamping our facilities.

This all makes our company a quality reference which, with its own style and creative spirit, transforms our clients' expectations into an unforgettable experience.

We are looking for clearly client-oriented, creative, responsible, enthusiastic, honest and respectful of people and the environment.

If you can relate to this ethos and want to be part of our team, send us your updated Curriculum Vitae through our job portal:​​ EN