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At H10 Hotels, we are committed to complying with the most exacting quality standards and legal requirements, always focusing on achieving ongoing improvements in all of our processes and customer satisfaction.​

Covid Protocol Certification by Bio 9000

Certification issued by Bio 9000 – a consultancy specialized in food and environmental safety with experience in public health – which validates the processes for protecting the health of guests and staff against COVID-19.

ISO 9001 2015

H10 Hotels was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognized Quality Assurance System, in March 2018, after exceeding the requirements of the system, thus becoming one of the first hotel chains in the world to certify both its headquarters and its establishments in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized certification that analyzes standards such as the state of facilities, the level of customer and collaborator satisfaction and the regulation of legal requirements and documentation.

H10 Quality Excellence Management System

H10 Hotels' own quality and environment system that focuses on the satisfaction and safety of our customers and works towards sustainable development.

Biosphere Committed Entity

Biosphere, the Barcelona Commitment to Sustainable Tourism, recognizes tourism operators who endorse a responsible style of management which respects the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equality, and social and economic returns.

Tourist Quality Commitment

This certificate guarantees that that the companies that hold it support the impactful and cost effective introduction of the principles of sustainability into the tourism sector. Its purpose is to enhance the sustainability of travel products, customer satisfaction and the quality of life in tourist destinations.

H10 Quality policy

Our Quality Policy can be summed up in the slogan: H10 - Hotels where everything is done WITH YOU IN MIND.

Everybody and everything at H10 is conceived, designed, planned and carried out to CAPTIVATE PEOPLE. Our differentiating element is excellence in how we treat our guests.


A team with a bright future

At H10 Hotels we are committed to complying with the applicable legal requirements, always focusing on the continuous improvement of all our processes. EN