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Committed to society and the environment

At H10 Hotels we actively participate in various social and environmental projects organised by non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, orphanages and NGOs that contribute towards the sustainable development of our establishments. Our commitment to society and the environment is supported by our suppliers, guests and employees, helping us to guarantee the success of these projects.​;23;24|Social and Workforce Integration: SINPROMI

Social and Workforce Integration: SINPROMI

SINPROMI (the Island Society for the Promotion of Disabled People) is an organisation belonging to the Council of Tenerife that works towards improving the quality of life of disabled people and promoting their integration into society and the workforce on the island of Tenerife.

Several of our hotels took part in the first Sinpromi Integra Award, and the H10 Conquistador and the H10 Las Palmeras were selected as finalists. This fact brings recognition to the commitment of H10 Hotels to the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce.;23;24|Christmas present drive

Christmas present drive

This year, the H10 Berlin Ku'damm wants to bring joy and happiness to all the children at Elisabethstift, one of Berlin's largest and oldest orphanages. In order to make this wish a reality, presents will be collected at the hotel's front desk from 30 November until 19 December 2013. For every present donated, the H10 Berlin Ku'damm will donate a second one. All gifts will go directly to the Elisabethstift orphanage.;23;24|Charity Christmas Cards - Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation

Charity Christmas Cards - Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation

For the last 4 years, H10 Hotels has been supporting the Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation, which assists with the social and labour integration needs of people with intellectual disabilities. This year, the Foundation has helped to produce 4,600 Christmas cards.;23;24|A Charitable Sant Jordi

A Charitable Sant Jordi

This Sant Jordi’s Day, the H10 Universitat located in the centre of Barcelona decided to do its bit for charity. The hotel collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation by buying roses made by disabled women from “untouchable” castes in India, who receive a small wage in exchange that allows them to survive. The roses were given away to the hotel’s guests and staff.

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