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Committed to society and the environment

At H10 Hotels we actively participate in various social and environmental projects organised by non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, orphanages and NGOs that contribute towards the sustainable development of our establishments. Our commitment to society and the environment is supported by our suppliers, guests and employees, helping us to guarantee the success of these projects.​;23;24|Charity Christmas Cards - Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation

Charity Christmas Cards - Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation

For many years now, H10 Hotels has collaborated with the Gaspar de Portolà Private Foundation, which provides support for social and labour market integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Each year the Foundation is involved in writing 5,000 Christmas cards that are distributed among all the hotels in the group.;23;24|Caritas


H10 Hotels collaborates with the Caritas Foundation to improve the living conditions of the people helped by this Foundation. The company donates bedding, toys, furniture and electrical appliances.;23;24|A Charitable Sant Jordi

A Charitable Sant Jordi

On 23 April Catalonia celebrates the Diada de Sant Jordi (St George's Day), a holiday where people exchange books and roses. At H10 Hotels we buy roses in solidarity with several foundations, such as the Llars de l'Amistat, Vicente Ferrer and the Comtal Foundation, to give them to our guests.

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