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Committed to society and the environment

At H10 Hotels we actively participate in various social and environmental projects organised by non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, orphanages and NGOs that contribute towards the sustainable development of our establishments. Our commitment to society and the environment is supported by our suppliers, guests and employees, helping us to guarantee the success of these projects.​ ninos 2.jpg?22;23;24|Fundació Albert

Fundació Albert

H10 Hotels collaborates with the Fundació Albert, a non-profit organization which helps and cares for children and families living in poverty and at risk of social exclusion.

With the aim of guaranteeing a better quality of education for all the children who take part in the centre, the Fundació Albert delegates the management of a large part of the activities to the Fundació Pere Tarrés, Cáritas Paidós, ASMI (Association for Children's Mental Health since gestation) and the Osteopathy Foundation of Barcelona (FOB), all non-profit, educational and social action entities which can count on their experience and experts who are dedicated entirely to improving the situation of people at risk of social exclusion. Free activities are carried out at the social-educational centre of the Fundació Albert such as remedial classes, play areas, summer camps and osteopathic treatments.

Solidarity Campaign Check-in for Africa (Gune Foundation)

Solidarity Campaign Check-in for Africa (Gune Foundation)

Since 2011, H10 Hotels has collaborated with the Guné Foundation in the Empodera a una mujer y moverás un mundo ("Empower a woman and you’ll move a world”) project. This initiative is carried out in the most vulnerable villages in Senegal, enabling more than 5,000 women and their families to access basic human rights (education, health, drinking water, etc.)

The project has also improved the food security of 20 villages giving visibility to their universal right to food. Thanks to the support of H10 Hotels, 30 agricultural and livestock cooperatives have been set up. This has been a great step forward for these rural communities which have gained autonomy and, above all, received the necessary knowledge to improve agricultural yields, increase horticultural production and obtain access to a rich and balanced diet all year round. 150ppp.jpg?22;23;24|Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

H10 Hotels, as a company which supports the work of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, carries out several actions to help children. H10 Hotels funds the entire “Intervenciones asistidas con perros” (pet assisted interventions) programme. Bamba, Laika, Flash, Boby, Mel, Danza and the beloved Cuca are just some of the patients’ furry friends.

The goal is to make the children smile, move them emotionally and help them relax. The dogs are trained by CTAC, an entity with more than 15 years of experience. Together with their trainers and experts, the animals help patients face up to the challenges that arise as a result of their illnesses. TRINIJOVE 150ppp.jpg?22;23;24|Social and Workforce Integration

Social and Workforce Integration

H10 Hotels directly hires people at risk of social exclusion through the Fundación de la Esperanza in Barcelona and through the Sinpromi Foundation in Tenerife.

It also contracts companies that promote the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion such as Trinijove in Barcelona, which works in waste management. It also collaborates with the Ataretaco Foundation, in Tenerife, which works in kitchen oil removal.

In addition, H10 Hotels collaborates with Desarrollo Social S.L, with Cycle and with Ilunion, companies that promote the integration of people with disabilities in kitchen cleaning tasks, gardening work in the facilities of our hotels and external laundry services.;23;24|Food donation

Food donation

Our hotels are involved in many different donations. The following are examples of some of the more regular actions we are involved in: The H10 Marina Barcelona prepares 50 menus per week for the Parish of Sant Eugeni I, Papa and 50 menus for the Capernaum soup kitchen of the Parish of Santa Tecla.

The H10 Estepona Palace donates food for the Feria Chica (Patron Saint of Estepona) and all the proceeds go to the association of families with Alzheimer’s.

The H10 Andalucía Plaza, at the end of the season, delivers all of the hotel’s perishable food to a convent in Ronda.;23;24|Protection of the Marine Tortoise

Protection of the Marine Tortoise

Our Caribbean resort Ocean Coral & Turquesa supports several sea turtle protection and hatching projects. Six of the seven species of sea turtles that inhabit the waters of Latin America and the Caribbean are in danger of extinction.

The nesting season starts in June and ends in December. The Coral and Turquoise Ocean runs an internal programme that records the surviving hatchlings and their species.

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