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Committed to society and the environment

At H10 Hotels we actively participate in various social and environmental projects organised by non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, orphanages and NGOs that contribute towards the sustainable development of our establishments. Our commitment to society and the environment is supported by our suppliers, guests and employees, helping us to guarantee the success of these projects.​;23;24|Cáritas School Lunches Programme

Cáritas School Lunches Programme

H10 Hotels has recently signed an agreement with the charity Cáritas to help sponsor their School Lunches programme, aimed at funding school lunches for children from families at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

This programme provides grants that will allow children to enjoy their school lunchtimes together with the rest of their classmates throughout the next two school years (2013-14 and 2014-15).;23;24|"La Caixa" Foundation Child Vaccination Campaign

"La Caixa" Foundation Child Vaccination Campaign

H10 Hotels supports "La Caixa" Foundation and GAVI Alliance in Europe by donating to their child vaccination campaign, an initiative to fight against infant mortality in the most underprivileged sectors of society.

Incorpora programme by "La Caixa" Foundation

Incorpora programme by "La Caixa" Foundation

The Incorpora programme, promoted by "La Caixa" Foundation, involves labour intermediation, training and guidance to improve the employment prospects of people at risk of social exclusion such as immigrants, women over 45 years old with no work experience, people with physical or learning disabilities, those suffering from mental illness, the long-term unemployed, women affected by domestic violence, etc.

In 2010, "La Caixa" Foundation presented H10 Las Palmeras with the Incorpora award for Workforce Integration in the Medium-Sized Company category. for Africa.jpg?22;23;24|Solidarity Campaign Check-in for Africa (Gune Foundation)

Solidarity Campaign Check-in for Africa (Gune Foundation)

H10 Hotels has just joined the Check-in for Africa campaign sponsored by the Guné Foundation, putting up 1 Euro for each client that joins the campaign. Both contributions will be put in their entirety to development projects.

By contributing you will be aiding sustainable development in Senegal and will facilitate access to education, health and the dynamisation of economic activities.;23;24|Earth Hour

Earth Hour

For the past four years our Caribbean Ocean Coral & Turquesa resort has been taking part in the WWF initiative Earth Hour. This worldwide event consists of turning off your lights in order to raise public awareness regarding the need to adopt measures to combat climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution. At the hotel, all the lights in the communal areas are turned off and the main restaurant is closed, thus helping to reduce electricity, water and gas consumption. The hotel also organises several awareness-raising activities for its guests over the course of the day.;23;24|Sleep Smart Campaign

Sleep Smart Campaign

During the harsh London winter, many homeless people sleep on the city’s streets. To help alleviate this situation, since 2013, the H10 London Waterloo has been encouraging clients to donate €1 per stay or meal at the hotel. All funds raised are donated to groups and associations that provide assistance to the homeless. We have already raised around €1,000!

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