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Awards and recognition thanks to our daily work


At H10 Hotels, we work day in and day out to improve the quality of our services and facilities and the satisfaction of our guests. Thanks to this effort we have received a number of awards from different associations and from the sector's main websites, which we would like to share with you:​

2020 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Spain

2023 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 Hotels in Spain

2021 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 Hotels in Spain

2020 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 Hotels in Spain

2019 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 Hotels in Spain

2020 Travellers' Choice - The top 25 hotels for families

2019 Travellers' Choice - The top 25 hotels for families

Salou - Cambrils

2018 Travellers' Choice - The top 25 hotels for families

2021 Travellers' Choice - The 25 most romantic hotels in Spain

2019 Travellers' Choice - The 25 most romantic hotels in Spain

2019 Travellers' Choice - Top 25 hotels for service in Spain

2018 Travellers' Choice

2018 Tripadvisor - Green Leader Gold

2018 Top 10 of the "most excellent" hotel chains in the world.

2021 Traveller's Choice - The 25 Most Saved hotels in the World

2020 Traveller's Choice - The 25 Most Saved hotels in the World

2020 Certificate of Excellence

2021 Travellers' Choice - The 25 hotels with "Best Rooftop" in the World

2020 Hotel of the Year Award

2019 Boutique Hotel of the Year 2019

2022 Traveller Review Award

2021 Traveller Review Award

2018 Guest Review Award

2019 Booking Award

2022 Gold List Hotel

2019 Best Urban Hotel in Spain

2021 Best International Urban Hotel

2018 Zoover Award

2018 Zoover Award Gold

2018 Sunny heart Gold winner

Salou - Cambrils

2022 Biosphere Responsible Tourism

Salou - Cambrils

2023 Biosphere Award for Longest Trajectory

2019 Trivago Awards

2018 Winner in the category of "Best chain hotels"

2019 Quality Award

2019 Highly Recommended

2018 Seal of Commitment to Tourism Quality

2023 TUI Top Quality

2019 TUI Top Quality

2018 TUI Top Quality

2018 Tui Nordic

Riviera Maya, Mexico

2019 TUI FAMILY Champion

2018 TUI FAMILY Champion



2022 Quality Award

2018 Quality Award

2018 1st Excellence Award

2018 2n Excellence Award

2018 3rd Excellence Award

Riviera Maya, Mexico

2019 Experts' Choice Award

2018 Experts' Choice Award

2018 Hotel Awards 2017-2018

2019 Top Hotel Partner


2018 Top Hotel Partner

2020 Loved by Guests

2019 Loved by Guests

2021 Loved by Guests - All Inclusive

Riviera Maya, Mexico

2018 TOP 10 Costa Dorada 4* hotels for sea vacations

2018 Outstanding Service Award

2018 Hotel of the Year Award

2019 Top-5 five-star hotels in Gran Canaria

2019 Top-5 four-star accommodations in Playa Blanca

2022 Top 50 luxury hotels in Venecia

2019 Luxury Boutique Hotel in Portugal

2020 Luxury City Hotel

2020 Agoda Customer Review Award

2020 World Travel Market Leaders

2022 Condes de Ericeira - Recommended restaurant

2022 Best Unique Experience Spa

2023 Mención Especial Mejor Hotel Urbano España

2023 OpenTable - Diners' Choice EN