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H10 Hoteles

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H10 Hotels offers a tour of the best terraces in Barcelona

H10 Hotels has eleven terraces to choose from in the most central parts of the city – all ideal locations for an outdoor aperitif or cocktail. The arrival of the good weather means it’s time to start enjoying being out in the open air, so that’s why H10 Hotels is inviting you to check out its best terraces in Barcelona, some of which boast magnificent views of the city. The terraces are open to the public, with a relaxed atmosphere during the day, perfect for enjoying an aperitif or soft drink. In the evening, there’s a lively atmosphere with live music and other activities to accompany a light dinner or a drink outdoors. H10 Cubik****S, the best combination of views and tapas. The new H10 Cubik, in city’s old quarter, has the fantastic Atik terrace on the 8th floor. It offers impressive panoramic views of the city, particularly of the Cathedral and the Gothic Quarter. During the day, you can enjoy light meals and cocktails in the bar area and from the afternoon onwards, the restaurant is also open, offering a selection of high quality traditional tapas, presented in a modern way. This luxurious setting, complete with plunge pool and sun lounger area, is the perfect place for after work gatherings, with occasional music  performances creating a lively atmosphere. H10 Metropolitan****S, an oasis in the heart of Barcelona. The H10 Metropolitan is a hotel located in the heart of the city on Rambla Catalunya, just a few metres from Plaça Catalunya. Its Edén terrace is a small oasis located in a courtyard in Eixample and boasts a pool and a large vertical garden. It serves cocktails and light meals and it’s the best place to listen to live music on Thursdays or to enjoy techno music on Fridays, courtesy of the DJ.

H10 Art Gallery****S, relaxed afternoons in designer surroundings.In the heart of the Eixample neighbourhood, the H10 Art Gallery located on Calle Enric Granados is a hotel dedicated to contemporary art, and that’s what the peaceful L’Olivera Terrace offers, with a large space nestled under a hundred-year-old olive tree. Access is via the Pop Art Café and it’s the perfect place to have a cocktail in a relaxed setting. H10 Port Vell****S, an aperitif with a sea view.Located next to Barcelona's port and just a stone's throw away from the El Born district, the H10 Port Vell offers the magnificent Mare Nostrum Terrace on the top floor, where you can enjoy the views of Port Vell. As well as the cocktail menu, the terrace is the perfect setting to enjoy a traditional Barcelona “Vermut vora el mar”, which involves combining a vermouth or a beer with an aperitif while enjoying sea views. A plunge pool and sun lounger area give the terrace its finishing touches. H10 Marina Barcelona****, cocktails with music in Villa Olímpica. With its privileged location in Villa Olímpica, the H10 Marina Barcelona offers sea views from its Skyline terrace as well as a swimming pool. The bar area is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a cocktail outdoors. As well as offering magnificent views, the terrace will also play host to live music on Thursdays from the end of June. H10 Urquinaona Plaza****, the perfect combination of views and music. The H10 Urquinaona Plaza is located in the heart of the city, in Plaça Urquinaona.

  The Lluna terrace on the sixth floor boasts a plunge pool and bar area that is perfect for enjoying a cocktail or aperitif.  There is also a DJ to liven things up on Thursday and Friday evenings. H10 Casanova****, the most lively terrace.A few metres from Plaça Catalunya, the H10 Casanova offers the Sky Bar Terrace with a plunge pool and a cocktail bar. If you’re looking for something energetic, they will be offering salsa classes every Thursday from June onwards. On Saturdays in July and August, DJ sessions will also be taking place. H10 Montcada Boutique Hotel, up close and personal with the Cathedral. Located in the Gothic Quarter, the H10 Montcada is a Boutique Hotel with the spectacular Sunset Lounge Terrace where you can admire the Cathedral and Gothic Quarter from close range. It is undoubtedly a privileged place to take in the fabulous views of the old part of the city as you sip a drink and enjoy live music every Thursday and Friday. H10 Hotels offers unique activities that can fit to your requirements, whether it’s daytime or evening entertainment, and whether you're looking for more relaxing or energetic activities. The excellent locations of our Barcelona hotels mean these terraces offer a unique space that are an excellent choice for guests to enjoy the city’s wonderful climate. The range is completed by the terraces at the H10 Universitat, next to Plaça Catalunya, the H10 Itaca, very close to Sants station, and the H10 Catalunya Plaza Boutique Hotel, in the heart of Plaça Catalunya.

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