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The H10 Berlin Ku’damm has been awarded with the 2013 Holidaycheck Award for the best hotel in Germany

Almost two years after it opened, the H10 Berlin Ku’damm has received the prestigious 2013 Holidaycheck Award in the “Country’s No. 1” category. This award is one of the most renowned in the tourism sector, as it is based on the opinions of the portal’s users and awarded to the best hotels in the world’s 20 main tourist destinations.

The hotel received the award after meeting the requirements of receiving at least 40 opinions, a high percentage of recommendations and an average rating of 5 suns or over on a scale of 1 to 6, where 6 is Excellent.

In addition, the H10 London Waterloo in the UK has won a 2013 Holidaycheck Award in the “City Trip” category. EN