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H10 Casanova collaborate with the Guné Foundation in the Check-in for Africa campaign

H10 Casanova is collaborating with the Check-in for Africa campaign sponsored by the Guné Foundation, through which each client will contribute 1€ per stay. In return, H10 Hotels will contribute the same amount and both contributions will be put to development projects. HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN It is very simple, when you check out from the H10 Casanova our reception personnel will ask you if you want to make a contribution to the campaign and will charge it to your invoice.

WHAT PROJECTS YOUR DONATION WILL BE PUT TO Educational: Comprehensive literacy programme for adults and pre-school education.

Health: Awareness-raising, talks and community animation on family planning, aids, nutrition, malaria prevention, first aid and community health. Socio-economic: Support to the creation of rural cooperatives and the promotion of local economic activities contributing to food safety. Skill-building: Support to organisational and management processes and institutional support. EN