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Fall in love with the Canary Islands

Teide National Park (Tenerife)

One of the most distinctive elements of the Canary Islands is the Teide National Park, one of the world's most spectacular examples of a volcanic ecosystem, with the highest peak in Spain. It harbours some unique species, such as the Teide violet, the only plant that grows on the volcano right up to its summit, at a height of 3,718 metres.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife)

At the north end of the island, surrounded by the deep blue of the ocean and the green mountains, is the island's capital. The city has lively streets, busy squares, churches and palaces. A must-see if you are sending a few days at one of the H10 Hotels establishments in Tenerife.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria)

You simply must visit Las Palmas de Gran Canarias during your stay at our hotel in Gran Canaria. The historic and cultural capital is located in the north east of the island, between two bays, where the Playa de Las Canteras and Playa de Las Alcaravaneras beaches are located.

Puerto Mogán (Gran Canaria)

Puerto Mogán nestles in the valley and is popularly known as the Venice of Gran Canaria by dint of its numerous canals. It is a quiet tourist centre built around the beautiful Puerto Mogán, designed by the architect Rafael Neville. It is full of little white houses with flowers everywhere. It has an excellent sports and fishing port.

National Park of Timanfaya (Lanzarote)

Lanzarote is the volcanic island par excellence. The area of Tinajo has the most volcanic area of the island: the National Park of Timanfaya. Enjoy spectacular nature and discover the singular sights of this setting on a visit to this National Park, which you can do by camel, bus or on foot.

National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente (La Palma)

The Park houses a major amount of archaeological remains, particularly engravings in the rocks, concealed amid gorgeous waterfalls. From our hotels in La Palma you can drive up to the Vantage Points of la Cumbrecita and el Roque de los Muchachos, although if you choose to walk then you really should pop into the Visitors Centre of the National Park, located on the road from Llanos de Ariadne, and find out about the routes there.​ EN