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Berlin, a city full of culture, history and night life


It is difficult to make a list on what to see in your stay at our hotel in Berlin, but we can offer you a series of must-see monuments:

  • Babelsberg Castle (Schloss Babelsberg)
  • Jagdschloss Grunewald
  • Palace of Charlottenburg (Schloss Charlottenburg)
  • Glienicke Palace (Schloss Glienicke)
  • Pfaueninsel und Schloss Pfaueninsel
  • Schloss Bellevue
  • Schloss Cecilienhof in the Neuer Garten of Potsdam
  • Schloss Friedrichsfelde
  • Schloss Schönhausen
  • Sanssouci Palace 
Vantage points
  • Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin Television Tower)
  • Skyline Café TU
  • Kollhoff Tower Vantage Point 


Berlin Wall

When you stay at our hotel in Berlin do not miss the chance to visit the Berlin Wall, which was part of the German borders between 1961 and 1989, separating the German Federal Republic from the German Democratic Republic.

The wall ran along 45 kilometres that split the city of Berlin in two, and 115 kilometres that separated the west part of the city from the territory of the GDR. It was one of the best-known symbols of the Cold War and of the separation of Germany.

To this day the victims of the separation of the 2 Germans are still remembered at several points in the city.​


Berlin's museums are veritable treasure troves for the general public. The Pergamon Altar and the gate to the city of Babylon, which you will find in the Pergamon museum on the Museum Island (Museuminsel), will captivate anyone that visits it. One of the true masterworks of the museums of Berlin is the bust of Nefertiti, which is on show in the Egyptian Museum (Ägyptisches Museum) in Charlottenburg.

Green areas

No other big city boasts as many green areas as Berlin: more than 2500 green areas to make your stay at our hotel in Berlin even more pleasant, in contact with nature. The city centre also houses the "Tiergarten" (18th C), the city's green belt, which is transformed in summer into a huge area for fun-time barbeques.

Forests and lakes
  • Flughafensee
  • Grunewald
  • Müggelsee
Parks and gardens​
  • Tiergarten
  • Botanischer Garten