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Benidorm, the sun and sand capital of the Mediterranean

An old fishing village

Benidorm started out as a coastal fishing village, the remains of which can still be seen when wandering through the historic centre and admiring the city’s history and growth. The cobblestoned pedestrian streets of the centre allow visitors to spend a pleasant day in the many shops, ice cream parlours and terraces found in the area. Nearby is the port, the perfecting starting point for walking along the promenade to the lighthouse to enjoy spectacular views.

San Jaime square, also just a few minutes from the port, houses two iconic city landmarks: the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, the oldest in the city, and the viewpoint looking out towards Levante beach.

Other areas of the city offer a completely different perspective, with skyscrapers rising up in large numbers making Benidorm, the “New York of the Mediterranean” as it’s commonly known, the second Spanish city with the most skyscrapers after Madrid. Complimentary Wi-Fi is offered at many points in the city, at Poniente and Levante beaches and at the Castle Viewpoint.

Poniente Beach and Levante Beach

Poniente beach where our hotel in Benidorm is located and Levante beach are the most accessible in the city and offer all the necessary services for those looking for a beach holiday in the sun. They combine fine golden sand, transparent waters which are sun-kissed from morning until sunset. Their seafront promenades are dotted with bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours and all kinds of shops to fill up the day. In this respect Levante beach is the livelier of the two.

The Castle Viewpoint

Another of the historical sites of the city is the Plaza del Castillo and its surroundings, where until the beginning of the 19th century a castle stood on this strategic spot as a lookout for ships. This explains why, after the disappearance of the building, the Castle Viewpoint, also known as Balcón del Mediterráneo, still remains, offering beautiful 360º view over the beaches.

It is a perfect place to sit and relax at sunset, and also admire the historical remains still preserved in the area such as the Castle’s old well or the canons. In addition, from July 1 it hosts the “Les Nits al Castell” art and crafts market featuring live music.

Serra Gelada Natural Park

The Serra Gelada, or Sierra Helada, National Park is one of the most impressive on the Costa Blanca. This marine-land park covers more than 5,600 hectares of protected forests, cliffs and marine areas in which, with a little luck, you might see a number of animals in their natural environment, including several species of dolphin.

It also has hiking trails of varying difficulty, offering simpler routes suitable for families and more complex routes for experienced hikers. This is yet another beautiful location to admire the views of the coast, Benidorm Island and the city.

Benidorm Island

From the port, by boat, you can reach the small island located off the coast of Benidorm. Here you can enjoy aquatic activities such as observing the marine depths or diving, and you can finish off the day with a walk to the top of the island to enjoy the views of Benidorm’s skyline.

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