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Benidorm, the sun and sand capital of the Mediterranean

Golf and sports

Benidorm has an unbeatable sports offering, including golf. Good weather accompanies the well-looked after facilities and courses adapted to all levels, making it a perfect golfing destination which is also home to several international championships.

Being a coastal city, it also offers a wide range of water sports such as sailing, kayaking, surfing and water skiing. Diving fans will find an underwater paradise home to all sorts of species including posidonia seagrass meadows, moray eels, clavelinas and sponges.

Benidorm is also a highly recommended city for cycling enthusiasts, as the city is an ideal size for cycling around and also features natural surroundings that are full of routes suitable for cyclists of any level.

Theme parks

Benidorm has several theme parks, with Terra Mitica the most popular among families. It features multiple attractions, shows and restaurants with themes based on the ancient Mediterranean civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt, where children can enjoy a day full of fun. Terra Natura is also near the city, a zoo that carries out educational and conservation work to help protect the planet's biodiversity.

Aqua Natura and Aqualandia are two complete water parks with endless slides, swimming pools and water attractions.

Activities and leisure

Benidorm is a city that offers a wide variety of leisure activities to do during the holidays. The city frequently hosts artistic exhibitions (mainly paintings, sculpture and photography), as well as concerts and musical performances, so culture vultures will be sure to have a good time. As for shopping, in addition to the main shopping streets in the centre, there are often markets set up, including the Les Nits al Castell craft market; the Foietes flea market, with an area for food and another for various clothing items; and the unique El Cisne market, which offers antiques and second-hand items accompanied by live jazz music.

In terms of nightlife, the areas that stand out for their variety of tapas bars and music bars are the Historic Centre (where some have terraces overlooking the sea) and the seafront promenade of Levante Beach. We recommend visiting the iconic Callejón de los Gatos, a narrow uneven street known for the drawings that adorn its steps, which is full of bars and pubs offering different genres of music. In summer, the city hosts several festivals.

Food & Drink

Benidorm offers both Mediterranean gastronomy and the typical cuisine of the Valencian Community in which rice is one of the main ingredients along with fish and seafood. Typical dishes include arroz caldoso, a banda and paella. The tarta de Benidorm cake, traditionally made with almonds, dates, pumpkin jam and scented with orange, cinnamon or lemon, is a highlight among the desserts on offer.

Natural areas

Benidorm is located in the heart of a natural environment that combines beaches and mountains, offering infinite possibilities to those looking to enjoy green spaces. The Serra Gelada is the main natural area thanks its proximity, size and endless options, but there are also other places such as the Serra Cortina or, on the coast itself, the coves of Tío Ximo and Almadrava, which are the perfect backdrop for spending your holiday in touch with nature.

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