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H10 Hoteles

Adults Only Hotel

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Opinions on H10 Marina Barcelona

56 customers have left opinions about this hotel

Excellent! 9,6/10

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  • Excellent Hotel! A nice and roomy...

    Very good! 8/10

    Raghav Kochhar

    Excellent Hotel! A nice and roomy layout.

  • The housekeeping staff was SO loud in...

    Very good! 8/10

    expedia user

    The housekeeping staff was SO loud in the mornings when cleaning rooms nearby. A lot of slamming and yelling down the halls. That was unexpected because the...

  • Bien accueilli, très propre...

    Excellent! 10/10

    vanessa marthe-rose

    Bien accueilli, très propre

  • Sehr schönes Hotel im ehemaligen olympischen Dorf

    Excellent! 10/10


    Traumhaftes 4-Star Hotel mit atemberaubender Dachterasse inkl. Pool und Pool-Bar. Nicht zu überlaufen, auch nicht am Wochenende Liegt im ehemaligen...

  • Very nice...

    Very good! 8/10

    Greta Knight

    Very nice

  • Great hotel to stay in near the beach...

    Excellent! 10/10

    colin knight

    Great hotel to stay in near the beach

  • Muy buena atención y servicio, podria...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Johanna Díaz Ramos

    Muy buena atención y servicio, podria mejorar la variedad en el buffet. Es la segunda vez que me hospedo en la cadena de hoteles, la primera en H10 Puerta de...

  • Excelente atención. Habitaciones...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Nelson Ortiz

    Excelente atención. Habitaciones modernas y muy agradables. Realmente lo recomiendo.

  • Super hôtel. Bar sur le toit terrasse...

    Very good! 8/10

    Pierre Cougnaud

    Super hôtel. Bar sur le toit terrasse avec une très belle vue. Les chambres sont spacieuses et certaines avec balcon, très agréable pour un café le matin, le...

  • Exceptional hotel with wonderful...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Anwar Shayya

    Exceptional hotel with wonderful service. The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful with everything I needed. The room is well prepared and fit for...

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Showing 1 to 10 of 56

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